What is your greatest weakness?

We have all at some point in our lives been to a job interview and were asked the dreaded, “what is your greatest weakness” question, at which point we respond with the standard, “well my weakness is actually a strength because….”. Well, regardless of what we tell an interviewer, we all have weaknesses, we are human after all. This is especially true when working out. It could be that you are unable to do plyometric exercises because of knee issues, or your body is inflexible so you find certain exercise moves difficult or in my case you struggle when it comes to push-ups (oh my gosh, they are so hard for me!).

Unless, there is a medical issue that prevents you from doing a particular workout, the only way to not allow a weakness to control what you want to do, is by trusting and believing that you are in control of your body, you tell it what to do and that little voice in your head that’s telling you you can’t do something is just a little negative Lucy! In one of my previous blogs I talk about mind over matter and this is an instance where this is so true. Your body will do what your mind tells it to! Continue reading “What is your greatest weakness?”

The Scale—-My Arch Nemesis

I used to have no issue weighing myself. I step on the scale, it displays a number and I go about my day. Of course this was in my early twenties, when there was nothing I could do to increase the number on the scale. I could eat whatever I wanted, at any time of the day, no issue. I could literally bathe myself in chocolate while drinking said chocolate and step on the scale and it wouldn’t budge. In fact on a good day, I would lose a pound or two.

Fast forward to my thirties when just having a dream about bathing myself in chocolate while eating chocolate cake would cause me to gain 10 pounds in my dream. Now, the scale is not my friend. I step on the scale and the evil numbers stare back at me. I say to myself, oh, it must be because I haven’t used the bathroom yet. So, I use the bathroom, step back on the scale and the evil numbers go up by 2. How in the world?! I think we have all been in this position at some point in our lives and it gets quite frustrating. Continue reading “The Scale—-My Arch Nemesis”

Comfort before beauty

I am a firm believer of beauty before comfort. I will squeeze my feet into an uncomfortable pair of delicious shoes if I have to because looking cute is way more important than being comfortable, am I right?!

The one time I believe in comfort before beauty is when I choose clothes to workout in. I can never understand ladies that workout in full on makeup or with their hair all done and stuff. If you can pull this look off then more power to you but I can’t think of anything more uncomfortable than sweating by mascara down my cheeks and into my foundation. No thank you!

I personally don’t believe in buying expensive workout clothes. You will be sweating in them anyway so why spend hundreds of dollars on them. Would you get sweat all over your brand new $100 sexy black dress? I don’t think so. I buy majority of my workout clothes from Amazon. The questions I ask myself when looking are 1. will this be comfortable 2. will I have to keep pulling my shorts down while I’m running and 3. will it fit me properly, that is, not so tight that I can’t breathe and not so loose that I’m falling out of my clothes. Continue reading “Comfort before beauty”

Make your workout fit

Time is one of those things no one ever seems to have enough of. There is simply not enough time in the day to fit in everything we have to do in our daily lives. This is especially true when you have a family. I only have one child but sometimes I feel like I have three so I can only imagine what it must be like for families with two, three or four kids. Unfortunately, because we are so busy, finding time to get a workout in becomes a challenge. If you have to choose between preparing dinner for your family or helping the kids with homework and working out, it becomes very easy to postpone the workout or cut it out altogether. There’s always tomorrow we tell ourselves and each busy day goes by.

I made the decision a few years ago, that I will strive to make my workout fit into my life, into my schedule and make it part of my list of tasks I had to do for the day. Once I made this decision, I came to realize that no matter how busy I am, there’s always time to fit in a workout. You probably think I’m crazy or have no idea what I’m talking about, so bear with me for a second.

When I say workout, it doesn’t necessarily have to be an hour long session at the gym. Most full time employees are entitled to two fifteen minute breaks in the day. How about instead of sitting in the break room, you use those fifteen minutes and walk briskly around the parking lot of your office building. You may work in a building that is more than one level. Why don’t you walk the stairs for ten to fifteen minutes each time. Do you still think I’m crazy?

Continue reading “Make your workout fit”

Mind over Matter

We have all had this fight within ourselves, your mind is telling you no and your body is telling you yes or your mind is telling you yes and your body is telling you heck no. This is especially true during a workout. I don’t know that anyone particularly loves working out, for the most part we do it because we are trying to accomplish a goal or because we have to do what we have to do to be fit and healthy. This is where your motivation for being healthy comes into play. Without that motivation whatever part of you, be it mind or body, that is telling you no will surely win. Continue reading “Mind over Matter”

Find what motivates you to be healthy

I was never an athletic person. Physical Education was a nightmare for me. The happiest time in my life as a high schooler was when I got my appendix removed at 16 and was excused from Physical Ed class until I graduated. I wouldn’t really say I’ve had an issue with my weight, as a teenager and way into my late twenties I maintained a weight of 120 lbs at 5ft 6ins tall. I never had to worry about what I ate and working out wasn’t something I ever considered.

And then it happened, I turned 30. All of a sudden all I had to do was think about eating something and I gained 5lbs, or so it seemed. Suddenly, I couldn’t over indulge in food I enjoyed anymore like bread or croissants or french fries or pizza! This was a nightmare, I mean I could literally live on bread and pizza. And cheese, yea I would need to have the cheese too. Great! now i’m hungry. Continue reading “Find what motivates you to be healthy”