The Plateau

When I started working out and eating healthily a few years ago, I was pumped and excited and maybe a tad naive. I believed that if I exercised and ate healthy food, I would be able to lose weight whenever I wanted to. That is how things worked I happily told myself. How hard could it be? I had heard of the dreaded plateau but having never experienced it myself, I had no idea what these people were referring to. What did they mean when they said they had hit a plateau in their weight loss? Clearly, they weren’t doing something right I haughtily said to myself. Well, karma has a way of being a b*itch so trust and believe that I have completely refined my thoughts on the plateau and know exactly what this means.

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The Scale—-My Arch Nemesis

I used to have no issue weighing myself. I step on the scale, it displays a number and I go about my day. Of course this was in my early twenties, when there was nothing I could do to increase the number on the scale. I could eat whatever I wanted, at any time of the day, no issue. I could literally bathe myself in chocolate while drinking said chocolate and step on the scale and it wouldn’t budge. In fact on a good day, I would lose a pound or two.

Fast forward to my thirties when just having a dream about bathing myself in chocolate while eating chocolate cake would cause me to gain 10 pounds in my dream. Now, the scale is not my friend. I step on the scale and the evil numbers stare back at me. I say to myself, oh, it must be because I haven’t used the bathroom yet. So, I use the bathroom, step back on the scale and the evil numbers go up by 2. How in the world?! I think we have all been in this position at some point in our lives and it gets quite frustrating. Continue reading “The Scale—-My Arch Nemesis”