The Diet

Sometimes after an especially stressful and hard day at work, I wonder to myself why I hadn’t thought of or invented one of the many ingenious things that are out there that other people have made millions or even billions from. I could’ve invented the back-up camera or come up with Amazon or Google or even better, I could’ve come up with a diet that promises instant weight loss. Yes, the diet, all the many different types of diets out there are making quite a number of people very rich indeed.

We have all at some point in our lives been on some diet or another. Years ago I went on a diet to gain weight and drank ensure three times a day because I was told it would help me gain weight. Years later, I went on a protein only diet to lose weight and at some point or the other I went on a liquid diet also to lose weight. Neither one of them were successful. If you want to be on a diet, you have a wide variety to choose from, no-protein, only- protein, carb- free, only carbs, liquid, fasting, cayenne pepper and honey, lemon water, Ketogenic, Atkins, weight loss pills, South Beach…the list is endless. Seriously, I need to think of one, I’m tired of going to work everyday.

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What’s your Guilty Pleasure?

Making the decision to eat clean was not easy. It meant giving up or only having in moderation, delicious things like fried food, I mean, what doesn’t taste good fried, sweets, pizza, fast food, white bread, the list goes on and on and on. It was quite the struggle believe me, and I went through many a day when I just wanted to say, forget it!

The same is true if you are on a diet that cuts out one food group or the other, say, you decided to not eat any carbs or any protein, or a diet that only includes shakes (I personally don’t recommend diets like this). You end up feeling so deprived that you cave and end up eating way too much of the food you were trying to avoid and basically eradicate any progress you may have made. And the cycle continues. Continue reading “What’s your Guilty Pleasure?”