Cilantro, Jalapeno and Avocado Salad Dressing

Well here we are, the last week in April. Time flies doesn’t it? It’ll be Christmas before we know it. I hope you have tried out and liked the recipes I have shared with you this month. The last three and the one I will be sharing today are my favorite salad dressings so it was a pleasure to share them with you. Three out of the four recipes have been creamy dressings and this is because I love creamy salad dressings. For a while, before I started making my own, I would only use oil and vinegar to dress my salads because I was scared of the calories in the creamy dressings and all the other dressings for that matter and they always has some ingredient or the other that I didn’t want to include with my meal.

The salad dressing for this week is a spicy one but you can omit the jalapeno altogether and either substitute black pepper or not use any pepper at all. You know me and hot food so I always manage to sneak pepper in where possible. You can also use just half of one jalapeno if you want to have a bit of the jalapeno taste.

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