Comfort before beauty

I am a firm believer of beauty before comfort. I will squeeze my feet into an uncomfortable pair of delicious shoes if I have to because looking cute is way more important than being comfortable, am I right?!

The one time I believe in comfort before beauty is when I choose clothes to workout in. I can never understand ladies that workout in full on makeup or with their hair all done and stuff. If you can pull this look off then more power to you but I can’t think of anything more uncomfortable than sweating by mascara down my cheeks and into my foundation. No thank you!

I personally don’t believe in buying expensive workout clothes. You will be sweating in them anyway so why spend hundreds of dollars on them. Would you get sweat all over your brand new $100 sexy black dress? I don’t think so. I buy majority of my workout clothes from Amazon. The questions I ask myself when looking are 1. will this be comfortable 2. will I have to keep pulling my shorts down while I’m running and 3. will it fit me properly, that is, not so tight that I can’t breathe and not so loose that I’m falling out of my clothes. Continue reading “Comfort before beauty”

A Conversation About Converse

I’m not really a sneaker person. I wear them for working out but that’s about it. I know a lot of people wear them as an everyday shoe and I understand why, they are very comfortable. But for me, sneakers are for exercise or sports. I am however on a constant search for what I call “sneaker type shoes”. These are shoes that resemble sneakers but are more of a shoe than a sneaker and are cuter than sneakers.

I decided to try Converse shoes. It took me a while to buy a pair because even though they meet my requirement for resembling a sneaker but not quite being sneakers, they didn’t meet my requirement for necessarily being cuter than sneakers. But, I’m never one to turn down the opportunity to try on a pair of shoes that catches my fancy, so I trotted down to the Converse Shoe Outlet here in Orlando and bought my first pair.

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I’m in love..A Valentine’s Day special

So, it’s another year and Valentine’s Day is coming up sooner than most of us thought it would. I mean, wasn’t it just Christmas? I remember being single and anxiously dreading this heart-filled, chocolate covered “love day”. If I had just got out of a relationship, I would avoid grocery stores for the whole month of January and part of February because the second the last of the Jingle Bells fades away, it looks like Valentine’s Day threw up all over these stores. If you are single at this time, all you can do is sit on your couch with a tub of ice cream and cry to “Love Actually” lamenting your love-less life. Oh, just me? Okay, never mind. Moving on.

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For the love of UGG

Who doesn’t love UGG® boots. They are so comfortable, like you’re walking on pillows and they are what I call ugly cute, hence the name probably. Well it turns out apparently, that only Floridians for the most part wear UGG® boots. Yes, I was shocked to hear that too! How did I find this out you ask? Well I’ll tell you. I was recently in Massachusetts visiting my sister. Of course the shoes that I thought would be the ultimate best for the godawful cold in that part of the country were my Grey UGG® Classic II Mini Waterproof Boots. I paired them with a dark green above the knee sweater dress and a pair of black leggings. Continue reading “For the love of UGG”

Oh my booties!

It’s bootie season in Florida! My fellow Floridians know what I mean. It’s not quite cold enough for boots but a bit too nippy for our standard ‘flip-flops wherever we go”. Today my bootie of choice are this delicious pair of Guess 4.25-inch stiletto heel metallic faux-leather booties. They were surprisingly comfortable all day and I did quite a bit of walking around in them. The only issue I had was the rope tied at the back flopped around quite a bit and I had to keep tucking the ends into the back of the shoes. Continue reading “Oh my booties!”