The Naked Truth

I have always admired people who are completely comfortable with their bodies, they love the way they look and walk around with complete confidence. In fact, if it was socially acceptable, they would probably love to walk around completely naked, showing off their beautiful bodies confident in the knowledge that they look freaking awesome. I am however part of the other group of people, the ones that are not completely comfortable with their bodies and would rather walk on a bed of nails with a concrete slab on their head than be seen anywhere but inside the comfort of their homes with no clothes on.

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Treadmill vs. Outdoor Running

I think there are two types of runners: treadmill runners and outdoor runners. I am myself an outdoor runner and only use the treadmill if I am out of town and not familiar with the area enough to go run outside. I recently purchased a treadmill for my home gym and I have yet to use it even though its the height of summer here in Florida and running outdoors can be a bit of a challenge what with the sun beating down on me mercilessly. Continue reading “Treadmill vs. Outdoor Running”

Save Time- Make your own Lunch

Another week has gone by and I am seriously beginning to think that I am never going to find, what is turning out to be, the very elusive additional six hours in my day. But I am not a quitter and I will continue to search high and low until I find these hours gosh darnit! Until then however, I continue to make the most of my time whenever I can and see how I can save as much time as possible by making changes and adjustments to my routine. One of these adjustments is to make my own lunch for work and take it with me everyday.

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Save Time- Morning Workouts

I have so far still been unsuccessful in my search for an additional six hours in the day but as promised, the second I find the hours I will for sure share this with all of you. I have made a lot of changes to my lifestyle and routine in order to maximize the time available to me and save time whenever possible and one of the changes I have had to make is to somehow fit my workout into my day.

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Save Time- Meal Prep

I have mentioned before that all the free time I used to have has been snatched away from me since I got married and had a child. I am still on a quest for more time and once I find a way to increase the hours in the day to thirty, I will definitely share this secret with all of you. I have made many changes to my life and the way I do things because of time, or the lack thereof. I have talked about why I started shopping online to save time. Well, another thing I started doing is meal prepping.

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No Excuses!

I don’t have time. My schedule is packed. I don’t feel well. It’s too hot. It’s too cold. Its my birthday. It’s too expensive. I’ll do it tomorrow………these and many many others are what we use to talk ourselves out of making the effort to be fit and healthy. There’s always something standing in the way of working out and eating healthy it seems but I have one word for this…Excuses!

Making the decision to workout and be healthy is not an easy one. Working out, if you’re doing it right, hurts because you are making your muscles work in ways they may not be accustomed to, or you are pushing them past their limit. Eating healthy is hard, the best tasting food is usually not healthy, if you have a choice between french fries and carrot sticks, of course french fries will win if you have no will power. To add insult to injury, losing weight takes a long time, in spite of what you may have heard, there is no quick way to lose weight that is also healthy and sustainable in the long run. It could take you years to reach your goal weight and this is with consistency and a complete lifestyle change. So of course it is simpler to take the easy way out and succumb to excuses.

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