Hello and thanks for visiting my blog! I am a wife and mom of one, living in the sunny state of Florida. It took me a while to take a leap of faith so to speak to actually get started with this venture. I have been thinking about it for quite a while but it was hard for me to step out of the comfort of my ‘box’ and do something different from what I’m used to. I finally decided that 2018 would be the year that I will take the plunge both feet at once!

My vision for this site is to provide a platform where I can talk about things that I am passionate about and in doing so hope to connect with people that share similar ideas and passions. I plan on combining my two loves, shoes and fitness, in a way that is useful to others but light-hearted and fun at the same time.

My path to fitness has been a long one with many mistakes made and actually do still make sometimes. Finding ways to fit a work out into my busy schedule has been quite the struggle as well as finding ways to modify my favorite recipes to make them healthier and still tasty for my family and myself. These are the tips and knowledge I would like to share with you in the hopes that you will find them helpful.

Shoes have always been my passion, I think this is the case for most ladies. I mean, there are so many different types out there that despite what my husband says, no you can never have too many shoes! My goal is to share with you my favorite shoes, which ones are beautiful yet kill my feet and the ones that i wish I had never bought but I keep them anyway because, well, I can’t bear to throw any of my shoes away, they are like my babies you see.

In any event, I hope you enjoy this site, and I welcome all your feedback and comments.