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I have mentioned before that all the free time I used to have has been snatched away from me since I got married and had a child. I am still on a quest for more time and once I find a way to increase the hours in the day to thirty, I will definitely share this secret with all of you. I have made many changes to my life and the way I do things because of time, or the lack thereof. I have talked about why I started shopping online to save time. Well, another thing I started doing is meal prepping.

Meal prepping is simply as the words imply, prepping your meals ahead of time. There are several reasons why people may choose to prep their meals. The two reasons why I meal prep are to save time and to promote healthy eating and for me both reasons go hand in hand. If you follow me on Instagram (@fitinstilettos) you may have seen my salads and meals that I prep usually on Friday and Sunday.

It took me a while to get my routine going for this and there was a lot of trial and error to find a method that worked for me. Once you figure out what works for you, you will realize how simple meal prepping is and marvel at the time it saves you. This method saves me so much time and gives me no excuse to not eat healthily. One of the excuses I hear for why people don’t eat healthily, is that they don’t have the time to prepare healthy meals everyday. Well, if you dedicate two hours on two days to meal prepping, that excuse is no longer a valid one.

My food shopping day is Thursday so by Wednesday I know that I need to have my menu for the following week and my shopping list ready. I get most of my recipes from Pinterest. It is awesome! I go grocery shopping during my lunch hour (another time saver). I bought a couple of extra large insulated bags–you should see the size of these bags, I will look for the link and post it here— and I store all the cold and perishable items in the bags where they stay in my trunk till I get home from work. Once I unload my groceries, right there and then is when I start marinading meats that need it or take them out of their containers to be defrosted.
12 Gallon Insulated Mega Tote Bag for Transporting Frozen Food, Perishables and Hot Food – Stripes Print

20180309_175516My menu for the following week usually looks something like this: Salads (2); Salad Dressing (homemade); Baked Fish (3 different kinds, my husband can literally live on fish for the rest of his life, no kidding); Saturday Lunch Recipe; Sunday Lunner* Recipe;Organic Protein Shake; Some kind of grain (quinoa, farro, couscous etc for hubby to pair his fish with); miscellaneous snack food like guacamole or baked sweet potato fries .

Friday after work is meal prep #1 day. I marinade the meats that were defrosted from the day before and if they are needed for Saturday Lunch or Sunday Lunner I store them in the refrigerator, blend up my Organic Protein Shake and store in the refrigerator, season and bake hubby’s fish and cook his grains.

Sunday is meal prep #2 day. This is when I assemble the salads. I make two (one for me 20180225_082223and one for hubby). My salads are what I take to work for lunch. I bought a pack of a hundred salad bowls from Amazon. I”ll post the link for that as well. Hubby works from home and eats his fish and grains and salad and leftovers from Saturday Lunch and/or Sunday Lunner for breakfast (yea you read right) and lunch and sometimes dinner, alternating what he eats so as not to get bored with the same thing. My little munchkin lives on chicken so is all set as well.
64 oz Clear Swirl Salad Bowl with Dome Lid 100 Sets

Now, I don’t have to worry about coming home and adding cooking dinner to my long list of tasks. When I tell people I meal prep and tell them how I do it. They usually say they couldn’t do what I do because they don’t like eating leftovers. Well, I don’t see anything wrong with leftovers and if I had the six more hours in the day I am hunting for then maybe I would turn my nose up at leftovers too. Until then, Sunday Lunner’s chicken tastes just as delicious on Wednesday as it did on Sunday. Having said that, if you cannot bring yourself to eat leftovers, you can always meal prep all your meals for the week by just marinating meats and chopping up and portioning ingredients so all you have to do is throw them on the stove real quick when needed.

*Lunner: A word I made up, a combination of Lunch and Dinner, to describe the meal we have on Sunday usually between 3 and 5 pm which is not quite lunch or dinner time but somewhere in between 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Save Time- Meal Prep

  1. I do agree with you about preparing meals in advance as it gives you so much time for yourself. What I’ve found out is that most times left over meals taste so much more delicious than when freshly cooked.

  2. Thanks for the tips. I can relate to this post a lot. Being that my hubby likes his dinner cooked fresh, I prep and marinated my meats in advance and stored in freezer bags. In the morning I pulled one out so it can be thawed and placed in the oven or grill for dinner.

  3. I actually think most foods taste better as left overs. Of course most disagree. But I do like the idea of prepping meals before so the day you are actually cooking them you save time.
    It always gives you a meal to look forward to rather than thinking of “what to make for dinner”

  4. Too funny ‘Lunner’ I should introduce this name with my family since most of our meals are lunners 🙂

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