Leggings– Love them or hate them–they are freaking awesome!

It seems to me that there are three groups of people. Group 1 love leggings, Group 2 neither love them nor hate them but wear them if need be and are not sure how to make them look good and Group 3 hate leggings and wouldn’t be caught dead or alive for that matter wearing them and think everyone that wears leggings are in need of a serious wardrobe makeover. I am proud to say that I am part of Group 1! I don’t know that I can do anything to change the minds of you Group 3 people, but I am actively recruiting all Group 2 people so Group 1 can take over and eventually overthrow Group 3 through any means possible! Whew! not sure if that was dramatic enough 🙂

Leggings are comfortable, versatile and pretty much anyone can wear them no matter your body type as long as they are worn the right way because, yes, there is a wrong way to wear leggings which only gives Group 3 more fuel for their hate. Leggings made their debut back into the fashion world a couple years ago and much like the skinny jean and bodysuits I really hope they are here to stay.


Leggings can be toned down to casual for everyday wear and dressed up to semi-formal for a night out. Planning to wear a dress to work, you try it on and realize it’s too short, enter the leggings. Add a pair of knee high boots, ankle booties or even flats or pumps and you ensemble is complete.




20180226_060245They can be worn with sweaters, tunic tops, tank tops, under dresses and in all these cases if you add a pair of heels to your ensemble, you have a more dressed up look.





20180307_055757Now, you know me and not wanting to be in a black and brown fashion box so do not restrict yourself to just black or brown leggings. They come in a variety in colors, I personally like white, red, grey and blue but you are unlimited in what you can choose from. I also found out that some leggings have a “tummy tuck” feature which basically helps to hold your tummy in and gives you a nice streamlined look if you pair them with a form fitting shirt or dress. Yes please!



If for some reason you are insecure about your thighs and think wearing leggings will expose too much you can simply pair them with a top or dress that comes half way down your thighs. This works by hiding the thickest part of your thighs and only exposing the slimmer part which is usually from the mid-thigh down. Of course, if you don’t want to expose your hips, this is easily solved by wearing a shirt that comes down past your hips and not wearing one that is too form fitting.


It used to be that leggings were only for exercising but this is by no means the case anymore. So, come over you Group 2 people, come to the other side, that is, the Group 1 side. We will band together and conquer the Group 3’s and they will have no choice but to join us because they sure as heck will not be able to beat us 🙂

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One thought on “Leggings– Love them or hate them–they are freaking awesome!

  1. Leggings is babe❤️ I can live in them forever. They are so comfortable. I absolutely love them.

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