Protecting yourself during a workout

When I started running a few years ago, I knew that I needed a good pair of running shoes and comfortable workout clothes and that’s all I thought I needed. I started running and as I talk about in my “Just Keep Running, Running, Running…” post, I started off with a 5k and gradually increased my mileage. Well, one of these Saturday’s, I was running along, happy with the progress I was making when I stepped onto the curb with one foot and felt a weird pain in my right knee. It was just a brief, sharp pain and I was able to shake it off and finish my run. I came home, went about my business and forgot about the whole thing. The next day I wake up to pain in that knee. It wasn’t a terrible pain and I could still walk but I feared I had injured myself and would never be able to run again and maybe even more importantly, I would never be able to wear heels again!

Lucky for me, this did not end up being an issue. I put some ice on the knee and went online and researched knee sleeves and finally settle on the Copper Compression Knee Sleeve and bought two, one for each knee. The next time I went running, I wore the Knee Sleeves and instantly felt the difference. The pain in my knee was completely gone and I was able to run with no issue at all. I wear my knee sleeves now every time I run or do any form of workout. It has been completely life changing for me and I definitely recommend them to protect your knees during your workout. I bought the first pair in 2015 and they lasted two years before I had to get another pair in 2017.

Copper Compression Recovery Knee Sleeve – GUARANTEED Highest Copper Content With Infused Fit. 1 Copper Knee Brace For Men And Women. Wear To Support Stiff And Sore Muscles And Joints

As I advanced in my workouts, I started strength training with weights. I knew that I needed to get a pair of workout gloves. I know that some people like the calluses on their hands, I guess to let everyone know they lift weights, but I personally don’t like calluses. I bought these gloves in 2014 and still have them four years later.
Women’s Cross Training Glove With Etched Synthetic Leather Palm by GoFit



What I didn’t consider was that lifting weights could affect my wrists too. I came to this realization when I suffered briefly from Carpal Tunnel after giving birth to my son. I was getting better and was doing a particular routine that involved weights when I felt something give on my right wrist and the pain started again. My chiropractor actually recommended using athletic tape when lifting weights to help stabilize my wrists and let me tell you, it worked wonders. I no longer have Carpal Tunnel but I still wear the tape every time I do a workout that involves weights. I buy a pack of 12 and it lasts me more than half the year.

Athletic Tape – White – 1 1/2″ x 15 yards – Mueller M tape – 12 rolls

Warming up and stretching before a workout is very important as well to prevent injury. I used to skip the stretching part of the workout I did because I erroneously thought they weren’t necessary until I pulled a muscle one day and learned my lesson. Before a workout dynamic stretches are safer on your muscles since they are basically “cold” at that time. At the end of your workout, static stretches are fine.

Sometimes, we get so into our workouts and training that we forget that the impact on our bodies could cause irreparable damage if we don’t protect ourselves. It takes just a second to put on a knee sleeve or athletic tape if this means the alternative is damage to our bodies which could prevent us from working out at the level we are accustomed to or push ourselves past our limits.


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