Lets live a little- The Black and Brown Box

Go into your closet, look around at the shoes that you have in there. Now, count how many of them are black or brown, write that number down. Now count how many you have that are a different color. Do you have any red shoes, or purple or blue? No? Maybe you have one pair that’s silver or grey?

This is pretty much the look of most ladies closets and for good reason. Black and brown go with pretty much anything and are the safest option if you are not particularly good at coordinating outfits. I am here to help you step outside of the black and brown box and into the world of beautiful, delicious shoes of all colors and textures and styles.

In my earlier days, and by earlier I mean my 20s, I didn’t have the courage to wear any  color shoes other than brown or black. I was very shy and introverted and the thought of wearing say, a red pair of pumps would send me into a panic. In my mind, if I wear shoes that color, I would walk into a room and all eyes would be on me looking ridiculous in red pumps and as hard as I would wish for the ground to open up and envelop me, that wish will not come true and I will be left standing there in embarrassment as the whole room points and laughs hysterically. So, yes, I also had a very vivid imagination. I also didn’t think I owned any outfit that would look good with any other color shoes and I wanted to be safe and not have to worry about whether my shoes matched my dress or not.

Thankfully as I matured and “found myself” so to speak and my love for shoes became more intense, I watched with envy and admiration, women who would walk around looking spectacular and confident in blue sandals, or purple booties and I slowly started exploring shoe colors and styles outside of my comfort zone. What’s the worst that could happen I thought to myself. Why not give it a try.



I remember the first pair of shoes I bought that were not black or brown. They were a pair of light tan 3 inch Nine West pumps. You see, I had to start with baby steps, light tan was still in the brown family so I wasn’t being too outrageous. I loved those shoes so much that I decided to try another color, so I bought a pair of Patent 31/2 inch Madden Girl Silver pumps. Oh how I loved those shoes. I wish I had a picture to show you guys but I finally threw them out recently because they weren’t looking so hot anymore.

Once, I had unleashed the beast, it was all over. My next pair of shoes were red and then I got a gold pair and then a green pair. The realization I came to as I stepped completely out of my box and threw the box into the recycle bin, was that, it was easier than I thought to match outfits to shoes and that a red pair of shoes for example really makes a black dress pop. Or that the green pair of wedge pumps that I thought I would never be able to wear, went perfectly with my yellow shirt and blue jeans. It is all about knowing how to play with the colors and it’s amazing what a difference the addition of that pop of color makes to an outfit.


Now, there is no color shoe that I wouldn’t try or probably have in my closet already and the best decision I made was to venture out of the normal. I encourage you to step out of the boring brown and black box and open yourself up to all the variety that’s out there. Don’t worry if you don’t have any clothes in your closet that you think will match anything other than brown or black. My philosophy with shoes is to buy them and the outfit will come. You will be surprised at how well your existing wardrobe will complement your new pair of red pumps.

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One thought on “Lets live a little- The Black and Brown Box

  1. So true. I did the count, and yes I had all but 1 black/brown/tan color shoes lol. The exception was an orange pair of flats and I had only bought them because they were on sale.
    I agree with stepping out of the black/brown box. Your photos are inspiring as I got to see how one could accent an out with a shoe that pops!

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