Kale and Quinoa Salad

Here we are in the third week of May which means I am very excited to share a third Kale recipe with you my awesome converted Kale Salad lovers :-). I’m hoping that by now you have at least started to change your opinions of Kale and realized how delicious it is when combined with the right ingredients. There is also the added benefit of how nutritious and good Kale is for you so this is a win-win situation really.

Today’s Kale Salad recipe includes another grain that I use a lot in my salads, it is delicious, very high in protein, fiber, iron, calcium and many other nutrients. Yes you guessed it, I’m talking about Quinoa, pronounced Keen-Wah, and if you’ve been pronouncing it Kee-No-Ah this whole time, you’re not alone. I pronounced it wrong for a good month before finally looking up the correct pronunciation. Quinoa gets a bad rap sometimes because, cooked on it’s own it is bland and has no real flavor to it. This is how I usually cook it when I plan on using it in a salad but I also cook Quinoa using different  ingredients and you will be surprised how delicious it is. I’ve cooked it for dinner on many occasions as an accompaniment to meat dishes like chicken, pork, lamb etc. and have also used it as a healthier substitute for rice. If you have never tried Quinoa, you are missing out on this healthy and very nutritious food and should definitely give it a try. It can usually be found in the rice aisle of your grocery store and takes only a few minutes to cook. I will have some Quinoa recipes on this site in a few weeks that you can try as well.

Now, to the Kale Salad recipe, as always, I will be providing you with the ingredients for the salad but not the quantities. You can use as much or as little of the ingredients that you like. I meal prep my salads and make a huge bowl that lasts me all week so I of course use more of the ingredients that you would for a single serving. I will also include the link to the salad bowls I put my salads in for work in case you want to use them as well.

64 oz Clear Swirl Salad Bowl with Dome Lid 100 Sets

For all the recipes, I use pre-washed and pre-cut Organic Kale. I get the bag from Publix. Hopefully your grocery store carries it as well, It is so convenient and all I really have to do is pour the Kale from the bag into my salad bowl. Sometimes, I chop them up a bit more to make the leaves smaller but this is completely a preference on my part sometimes.

Kale and Quinoa Salad Recipe


1 Bag Pre-Washed and Pre-Cut Organic Kale Greens

1 cup Cooked Quinoa (cook according to instructions on the bag)

1 Bag Shredded Carrots (these are also sold pre-shredded at the grocery store)

1 Avocado- Diced20180423_082118

1 Red Onion- Diced

Chopped Walnuts

1 Can Garbanzo Beans

1 Fat-Free Feta Cheese (President makes a fat free Feta that also has different flavors, I like the Tomato and Basil and the Mediterranean Herb ones)

Cilantro, Jalapeno and Avocado Salad Dressing

Salt to taste

Combine all the ingredients in the quantity that works for you. When I meal prep, I use:

  • Half the bag of Kale
  • Half the bag of Shredded Carrots20180423_082043
  • 1 Cup Cooked Quinoa
  • The whole Avocado
  • The whole container of Feta Cheese
  • Half a cup of Chopped Walnuts
  • Half of the Red Onion- Diced
  • The whole can of Garbanzo Beans

This salad keeps in the fridge for a week if you want to meal prep it. The avocado does start to turn a bit brown by Day 3 but I don’t mind it like that. If you do, then add the Avocado on the day of consumption.


I like some form of meat with my salads so I usually get a Rotisserie chicken from the grocery store and use that for my salads throughout the week.

Give this recipe a try and let me know what you think.

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4 thoughts on “Kale and Quinoa Salad

  1. Again, I will give it a try. I am not a huge bean fan. Do the Garbanzo beans have a unique/special taste? I have never heard of them before.

    1. Garbanzo beans are also known an chick peas they are used to make hummus. If you like hummus you will love these beans 🙂 Again thank you for your continued support😊

  2. I love how you are able to use your homemade avocado dressing with it. (right? you are using the ones you shared in earlier blogs?)
    That must help cut calories and allow you to eat more healthier ingredients.

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