Adidas Superstar- An Independent Shoe Opinion

I mentioned in my blog “A Conversation about Converse” that I am not a sneaker person. I personally don’t think they are cute enough to be worn as an everyday shoe although I do completely understand why a lot of people do so. As I also mentioned in that blog, I am on a constant quest for “sneaker-type” shoes, which are shoes that resemble sneakers but are more of a shoe than a sneaker and are cuter than sneakers.

This is where the Adidas Superstar shoes come in. I bought these shoes because I saw someone wearing them on a TV show I was watching and I liked they way they looked on the lady that had them on. So of course, I had to have them. This is what shoes do to me you see.

I went to the Adidas Online site and ordered a pair in size 9, which is what my enormous feet usually fit into. I got the shoes a few days later, tried them on and they were huge. Ok, so, their sizing is different. Great. Now the annoying part about buying something online or even in the store for that matter-  returning said item. In any event, I put the shoes back in their box, processed the return, went painfully to the Post Office (my least favorite place after buying gas and going to the bank) and shipped them back.

I ordered another pair in 71/2. I loved these shoes already even though I didn’t officially own them yet simply because they were making me feel like I had cute small feet. The smaller size arrived and I tried them on. They fit but I think a 7 would’ve been the perfect size. I didn’t want to go through having to send them back again so I kept them and when I wear socks they are perfect. If you do decide to get a pair, remember to get 1 1/2 to 2 sizes smaller than your normal.

20180219_073613I wore the Adidas out the very next day. It was Saturday and I had tons of errands to run so what better way to give them a test run. I paired them with a pair of jeans and a tank top, nothing fancy, and headed out. For the most part, they were very comfortable, I like the way they looked on my feet and they meet my requirement of “sneaker-type” shoes. They are not as comfortable as sneakers, so if you are a sneaker person you will probably not replace your sneakers with these shoes. I found that after having them on, up and about, for about four hours, they started to hurt the soles of my feet a bit around my arch but it wasn’t a mind-numbing pain that I couldn’t live with.


20180219_073642I ended up having them on for a total of six hours that day and I have to say that other than the fact that they hurt the soles of my feet a little bit by the four hour mark, they were easy to walk around with. I wore them again with a knee length summer dress and found them to be just as cute. I got mine in white with the black stripes but I think I will get the white with white stripes too.

Adidas Superstar


I would definitely recommend these if you are looking for shoes that you can wear casually with shorts, jeans or a dress for a sporty-casual look.

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