Kale and Red Cabbage Salad

I still maintain that Kale gets an unnecessary bad rap. People take one look at the dark, wrinkly green leaves, turn the other way and choose Spinach instead. Poor Kale is like the unpopular girl in high school that never gets asked to prom. Well, I am going to make it my personal goal to change poor Kale’s reputation and you all know how I am when I set my goals. I am dedicating the entire month of May to sharing a different Kale Salad recipe with you every week and I promise you will change your opinion of Kale.

I understand why Kale may not be your most favorite choice for a salad, it doesn’t look very pretty and because it is tougher than other greens, it does take a bit more chewing. I love Kale because for one it is extremely good for you, (I talk about the health benefits in my Kale- Leafy Greens Ugly Cousin post) and for two, it holds up very well and a meal prepped salad, including with the salad dressing added to it, will last for a week in the refrigerator without wilting which is more that I can say for pretty Ms Spinach, so there! Kale is also very filling and a Kale salad for lunch will keep you full till dinner time. Last but not least, combined with the right ingredients, which I am going to share with you for the next five weeks, Kale is delicious!

I am going to give you the ingredients for the Kale Salad and you can add the quantities for each at your own discretion. I meal prep my salads every week and make a huge bowl which lasts me the entire week. If you will be preparing a smaller portion you will have to adjust the proportions accordingly. I am also going to share with you the link to the salad bowls that I put my salads in for work. I love these bowls because they are a nice size and also make my salads look like I got them from a restaurant or something 🙂
64 oz Clear Swirl Salad Bowl with Dome Lid 100 Sets.

For all the recipes, I use pre-washed and pre-cut Organic Kale. I get the bag from Publix. Hopefully your grocery store carries it as well, It is so convenient and all I really have to do is pour the Kale from the bag into my salad bowl. Sometimes, I chop them up a bit more to make the leaves smaller but this is completely a preference on my part sometimes.Kale


Kale and Red Cabbage Salad Recipe


1 Bag Pre-Washed and Pre-Cut Organic Kale Greens

1 Small Red Cabbage (thinly sliced)

1 can Black Beans

1 Bag Shredded Carrots (these are also sold pre-shredded at the grocery store)

1 Avocado- Diced

1 Fat-Free Feta Cheese (President makes a fat free Feta that also has different flavors, I like the Tomato and Basil and the Mediterranean Herb ones)20180409_085449

Chopped Walnuts (these are sold pre-chopped as well)

Raw Pumpkin Seeds

White Wine Vinegar Salad Dressing

Combine all the ingredients in the quantity that works for you. When I meal prep, I use:

  • Half the bag of Kale
  • Half the Red Cabbage
  • The whole can of Black Beans
  • Half the bag of Shredded Carrots
  • The whole Avocado
  • The whole container of Feta Cheese
  • Half a cup of Walnuts and
  • Half a cup of Pumpkin Seeds.


This salad as mentioned before keeps in the fridge for a week if you want to meal prep it. The avocado does start to turn a bit brown by Day 3 but I don’t mind it like that. If you do, then add the Avocado on the day of consumption.

I like some form of meat with my salads so I usually get a Rotisserie chicken from the grocery store and use that for my salads throughout the week. My husband likes fish so I have added Tuna to his salad as well. You can add whatever meat you prefer or do without it as well.

Give this recipe a try and let me know what you think.

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