What’s your Guilty Pleasure?

Making the decision to eat clean was not easy. It meant giving up or only having in moderation, delicious things like fried food, I mean, what doesn’t taste good fried, sweets, pizza, fast food, white bread, the list goes on and on and on. It was quite the struggle believe me, and I went through many a day when I just wanted to say, forget it!

The same is true if you are on a diet that cuts out one food group or the other, say, you decided to not eat any carbs or any protein, or a diet that only includes shakes (I personally don’t recommend diets like this). You end up feeling so deprived that you cave and end up eating way too much of the food you were trying to avoid and basically eradicate any progress you may have made. And the cycle continues.

This is why having a guilty pleasure is so important in my opinion. If you allow yourself to indulge in something you love, in moderation or course, you don’t feel so deprived which leads to you rebelliously over-consuming something that isn’t good for you.

20180224_1222381474566380.jpgMy guilty pleasures are gummy bears and starburst. I’m not a chocolate person *cue shock face emoji* and I’m not really a sweet person either, but oh my goodness, I love, love, love gummy bears and Starburst. I could go through a couple bags of Haribo Gummy Bears and a couple tubes of Starburst and then feel like a pig afterwards, but who cares, they are sooo good. Now, sugar is one of those things that I definitely made the decision to reduce drastically so you can see how consuming gummy bears almost everyday could be a bit of a problem.

In the beginning, I went the dramatic route and cut gummy bears and Starburst completely out of my diet and let me tell you, I felt like I was going through withdrawal. By the end of the week I felt so deprived that in spite of what I would tell myself, my car would drive itself to the store and my hands would, of their own volition mind you, pick up a couple bags of Haribo Gummy Bears and a couple tubes of Starburst and stuff my face with them.

This obviously couldn’t go on. I had to find a way to control myself. I decided that once a week I would ‘treat’ myself to either a bag of Gummy Bears or a tube of Starburst but not both. This helped stave off my craving as I had one day in the week to look forward to. After a couple months, I changed it to once every two weeks and then once a month. Honestly, as I type this today, I only eat Gummy Bears or Starburst once in a while and I am now able to control myself if I am around these sweets. If on a particular day, I’m in the mood for something sweet, I can, like a sane person, get just one or the other of my favorite candy from the store and not feel guilty for it.

The thing is, nothing is more attractive than something you cannot have or that you have told yourself you can’t have. To get on top of the feeling of deprivation, is to allow yourself that guilty pleasure and with time you may not even want it anymore, or even if you do, you are able to control how much of it you consume.

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One thought on “What’s your Guilty Pleasure?

  1. I go through the same with food I like, try to hold off then being unable to and stuff my facing with huge amounts.
    I like your idea of trying such God’s from time to time to help ease of the deprivation.
    Good blog.

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