Feed me! An Organic Protein Shake Recipe

***Update to this post at the bottom***

In this post I would like to share my recipe for the Protein Shake that I make from scratch and drink after my workout everyday. When you do a workout that engages your muscles, it is very important to feed them afterwards. Muscles like protein and after each workout you will hear them say: feed me feed me feed me. Okay, they don’t actually talk but you catch my drift. My morning workouts are “fasted” workouts and the only reason for this is that I workout at 4:30 in the morning which is way too early for me to eat anything and since my workouts are only 30 mins, I’m okay with not eating something beforehand. Before I go running on Saturdays, I definitely eat something first and I discuss this in my “Just Keep Running” post.

I tried different pre-made shakes and smoothies before I decided to make my own and what really drove my decision to do so was having control of what I was putting in my body. I put in all the time and effort to workout and didn’t want to cancel out my efforts by consuming something that had added sugars, preservatives and ingredients I couldn’t even pronounce. I experimented with different ingredients and finally settled on this one. It provides fuel for my starving muscles, is 98% Organic (I couldn’t find Organic Almond Milk but the one I use is as close to Organic as I could get) and keeps me full till my morning snack around 10 am and sometimes beyond that till lunch time at noon. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

You don’t have to put in the ingredients in the exact order I have them here except for the Almond Milk in the beginning because it helps with easier blending.



  1. Add a cup of Almond Milk to the Blender before adding any of the ingredients.


2. Add the entire container of Baby Spinach


3. Add two tablespoons of the Greek Yogurt


4. Add 1 tablespoon of Chia Seeds


5. Add 1 scoop of Protein Powder


6. Add 1/2 cup of Golden Flax Seed


7. Add about half a cup to a cup of blueberries. I sometimes use Frozen Strawberries and Raspberries as well.


8. Add a cup or so of Almond Milk, you can add more if the mixture ends up being too thick.


9. Put the lid on the blender and start it to combine all the ingredients

10. All done! This quantity lasts me about four days. I fill up my bottle to the half way point and save the rest on the refrigerator for the rest of the week.



**Update** After I wrote this article, I actually did find an Almond Milk that only had as its ingredients almonds and water. I use this one now instead of the one I talked about so feel free to try it too if you can find it in your local grocery store. I got this one from Publix.


You can also check out my YouTube channel for the video on how I make this shake. Sorry about the vertical video 🙁

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3 thoughts on “Feed me! An Organic Protein Shake Recipe

  1. That sounds very healthy and yummy. Is the final product sweet or fruity?
    I had tried making healthy smoothies but had a tough time drinking the end product.
    I’ll go shopping this weekend and try your ingredient/recipe.

    1. Hi Kazsim- the final product isn’t sweet or fruity since all the ingredients are unsweetened for the most part. You can make it sweeter by using the flavored versions of the Almond Milk, Greek yogurt and protein powder but remember that by doing this you are increasing the sugar and calorie content of the drink :). Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog, I do really appreciate it 🙂

  2. Very true point. Most of us forget to “feed our muscles” after a good workout or resort to very unhealthy foods.
    I like the idea of making a healthy meal BEFORE a workout so you have that after rather than run to nachos and cheese like I do.
    I’ll follow in your footsteps.

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