The Scale—-My Arch Nemesis

I used to have no issue weighing myself. I step on the scale, it displays a number and I go about my day. Of course this was in my early twenties, when there was nothing I could do to increase the number on the scale. I could eat whatever I wanted, at any time of the day, no issue. I could literally bathe myself in chocolate while drinking said chocolate and step on the scale and it wouldn’t budge. In fact on a good day, I would lose a pound or two.

Fast forward to my thirties when just having a dream about bathing myself in chocolate while eating chocolate cake would cause me to gain 10 pounds in my dream. Now, the scale is not my friend. I step on the scale and the evil numbers stare back at me. I say to myself, oh, it must be because I haven’t used the bathroom yet. So, I use the bathroom, step back on the scale and the evil numbers go up by 2. How in the world?! I think we have all been in this position at some point in our lives and it gets quite frustrating.

scale-diet-fat-health-53404Last year, I bought  Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED because I had heard a lot about it and I love her workouts. It was a very intense workout and at the end I felt like I had worked my butt off. I resisted weighing myself until I was completely done with the 60 days because I wanted to step on my scale and see this huge drop in weight. Well, my friends, at the end of the 60 days, I happily stepped on the scale expecting to see a loss of at least 10 pounds and would you believe that evil piece of equipment had the tenacity to inform me that I had lost only a measly 2 pounds! After I dried my tears, I decided to measure myself and see if maybe I had lost inches. I needed some kind of validation for all this hard work, I mean come on now! So, I shakily got my tape measure and took my measurements and oh my goodness, I had indeed lost a total of 5 inches (arms, waist, hips, thighs)! I knew the scale hated me! Ha! In your face scale!

Turns out that you can lose inches but still weigh the same. Why? Muscle is heavier than fat so as the fat is converted to muscle it weighs more but the end result is your body is more toned and hard, you lose inches and your clothes fit better. Who knew! The caveat is you have to combine your workout program with a healthy diet as well. If you workout to Body Shred for 60 days but eat doughnuts and pizza every day then the end result will be weight gain and no inches lost or your weight will stay the same and so will your measurements since you are not burning more than you consume.

I don’t weigh myself anymore. It stares at me with its evil eyes but I just ignore it. My tape measure is my friend.


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8 thoughts on “The Scale—-My Arch Nemesis

  1. By the way I love the way you write!
    So very realistic and with such humor; it entices me to continue reading.
    So, I don’t weigh myself either BUT never thought of using a tape measure. I just use a mirror to decide or see if my clothes still fit.
    I’m getting a tape measure.
    You make a good point that muscle weighs more than fat, something I tend to forget too and hence get bothered when my weight goes up after an intense workout.

    Again a very very excellent blog.

  2. I know where you are coming from. Long time ago I was extremely conscious of my weight. I remember going two weeks living on just fruits, vegetables, water and drank just black coffee and did a lot of walking. To my utter amazement after all this suffering got on the scale and the figures starring at me remained the same. What! No more scales or tape measure.I depend on how my clothes fit

  3. So true. Scales are evil. I do always love to weigh before and after a super long run. Weight always goes down!! lol Non-scale victories are better though.

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