Green with Envy- A St. Patrick’s Day Special

St. Patrick’s Day or the Feast of St. Patrick is coming up soon and even though I’m not Irish I am always up for celebrating any holiday that has a singular color associated with it and the fact that it has been designated as an official drinking day is a plus as well. The only issue I have with St. Patrick’s Day is that green is my least favorite color for clothing or shoes.

I am all for variety and different color clothes and shoes and don’t believe in boxing myself into just wearing black or brown or white or whatever the color may be. I have purchased green outfits at some point but they end sitting in my closet until I eventually donate them. I have a lot of variety in shoe colors but green just isn’t one of them. St. Patrick’s Days have come around and I would search my closet high and low for something green to avoid being pinched knowing full well I didn’t have anything and would end up wearing something as close enough to green as I could get and hope to receive a green party hat or something.

20180310_171053Then it occurred to me. Why not use this as an excuse to purchase a new pair of shoes. I could get a pair of green shoes and if I tone down the rest of my outfit, it would make the shoes the focal point of my ensemble. So I happily logged into and searched for green shoes. I eventually settled on a pair of 4 inch wedge pumps. They arrived a few days later, and I loved them! I tried them on and they looked awesome. Yes! Now I was ready for St. Patrick’s Day. I wore them last year with a white dress. Perfect! The shoes were the focal point of my outfit and I met the no-pinch requirement for St. Patrick’s Day.

I will wear the same shoes again this year. I have the outfit picked out already. High-Waisted Express blue jeans and an ivory crop top. St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Saturday 20180313_100816this year and my husband and I will be attending a party. I can’t wait to wear my green shoes again.

To this day, these are the only pair of green shoes in my closet. I guess I never found another pair that I liked enough to buy.

Maybe I will search for another pair of green shoes so I don’t have to wear the same pair every single year but this further reinforces my belief that a cute pair of shoes makes everything so much better.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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4 thoughts on “Green with Envy- A St. Patrick’s Day Special

  1. Wow!!! I love the shoes!! Love the shoes! And I love how you paired them with a sexy but simple and subtle outfit so that the shoes pop out!!!
    I unfortunately bought a shirt with a green shamrock ☘️ not using your creative thinking 🤔 😢
    The good news is I do have a pair of green flats so I may steal your idea and pair them with a non green and nice outfit tomorrow.
    Your writing also reminds me of Carrie’s from Sex in the City!
    I wish you luck hopefully your blog becomes more and more publicized and popular!
    Keep it up!!

  2. Green is not a favorite color of mine either. Happy St Patrick’s Day. Always a good read . Keep it up.

  3. Happy St Patrick’s day! I have to agree with you……green is definitely not one of my favorite colors. I’ve only owned one green color item in my life……and that was a pair of green pants from Victoria’s Secret. It was pretty cute, but had a difficult time pairing it up with something else. I must confess that this St Patrick’s day, I have nothing green to wear; so I’ll definitely get pinched 😤 Oh well! I’ll use your suggestion and buy a pair of green shoes so that I can have something next St Patrick’s day 😀 Thanks for the great post and suggestions. Keep them coming 👌🏾

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