I’m in love..A Valentine’s Day special

So, it’s another year and Valentine’s Day is coming up sooner than most of us thought it would. I mean, wasn’t it just Christmas? I remember being single and anxiously dreading this heart-filled, chocolate covered “love day”. If I had just got out of a relationship, I would avoid grocery stores for the whole month of January and part of February because the second the last of the Jingle Bells fades away, it looks like Valentine’s Day threw up all over these stores. If you are single at this time, all you can do is sit on your couch with a tub of ice cream and cry to “Love Actually” lamenting your love-less life. Oh, just me? Okay, never mind. Moving on.

I decided on one of those love-less days that by golly, I wasn’t going to be sad on Valentine’s Day! So what if I didn’t have a date. I will have something even better…wait for it….shoes! I made the decision that on every Valentine’s Day, whether I was single or not, I would treat myself to a beautiful pair of shoes. If i had a date for V-day, well then I had the perfect shoes for it. If I didn’t, I simply wore my shoes to work or whatever I had going on that day and immediately felt better. I have on at least one occasion, worn my new shoes at home on V-Day, no lie.

20180208_1818501142985886.jpgI have continued this V-day tradition, even after I got married, because, well, why would I give up a perfectly good reason to buy shoes. This year’s V-day love of my life (shh don’t tell my hubby) are these Vince Camuto Chesta Tall Gladiator Sandal (Women) in tan. I actually purchased these because I was looking for something similar to what I saw Bethenny Frankel wearing on an episode of the Real Housewives of New York (yes i watch those shows, don’t judge). I searched high and low and finally found them on Nordstrom, something similar anyway.




I paired them with a green strappy romper . See picture. The weather is nice here in Florida, hence the summer attire in the middle of winter. I think these sandals will also pair well with a knee length skirt, shorts or a cute sweater dress.

I wore them this past Saturday, my husband and I decided to beat the Valentine’s Day craziness and celebrate it early. They were surprisingly comfortable which you wouldn’t expect from gladiator sandals with heels. They don’t dig into my skin at all and I wore them for almost three hours with no issue at all.

I spent quite a number of V-days feeling sad because I didn’t have a date but once I converted the day into one that I do something for myself that made me happy, it seriously didn’t matter if I received flowers or chocolate or not.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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12 thoughts on “I’m in love..A Valentine’s Day special

  1. I agree. I love the heels. I love the idea of making the day special for yourself. I just had a baby and was planning to just ignore Valentine’s Day this year. But you inspired me to do something special even if just for myself.

    1. I’m happy to hear that this post inspired you, that was what I was hoping for :-). Congratulations on the new baby 🙂

  2. Love the post. I couldn’t help but smile 😊 I also remember dreading Valentine’s Day, especially when I was single. If only I had thought of a similar idea; I would have saved myself a lot of sadness and tears. I love the shoes and it pairs well with the romper. I will definitely look for them at Nordstrom. Thank you for giving me another reason to buy shoes 😉Another great post.

    1. You’re welcome Helen and thank you so much for stopping by 😊 Hope you have a great Valentine’s Day and let me know if you buy the sandals😃

  3. I love Valentine’s Day and would always get myself a box of chocolates and eat it all. Don’t tell me I know it’s not good for the figure but it’s just one day. Unfortunately this year is the same day as the first day of Lent Ash Wednesday. So no chocolates, no special treat. Love the shoes and the romper. Hope you’ll have a small celebration still tomorrow. Happy Valentine’s Day.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Iyamide. One day of indulging in chocolates is totally fine especially on Valentine’s Day 😊. Happy Valentines Day to you as well and I hope you get your chocolates after Lent is over 😊

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