More than just a lemon

I woke up this morning with a tickle in my throat. You know the tickle, the first sign that in spite of all my best efforts to protect myself from the germ pit that my house has become what with both my 4 year old son and my husband coughing and hacking, snotty tissues everywhere, I have contracted..cue dramatic music…the common cold! Now I know the common cold is named such because, well its common. But I am not a good sick person, I know no one likes to be sick but I absolutely hate being sick, I hate not feeling like myself and I try to avoid getting sick at all costs. I am this close to walking around with a face mask or better yet my own personal bubble. But that would be crazy right?


Pinterest is one of my favorite sites. I’m on it everyday looking for recipes or hair styles or design ideas, you name it Pinterest has it. If you’re not a member already you should definitely consider becoming one, it will change your life. Anyway, Pinterest is where I found this life changing recipe for a lemon drink that has so many health benefits which you wouldn’t imagine you could get just from lemons. Ever since I found this recipe I drink it almost every day and I am living proof that it works instantly for sore throats and significantly shortens the duration of colds and coughs. I use eight lemons, cut them into quarters, add water  and boil for about 15 mins. Then I remove the lemons from the water and pour a bit of the liquid into a cup and reserve the rest in the fridge. I add lemon to taste and drink it warm. The reserved liquid can be easily heated up as needed.

So the next time you feel that tickle in your throat make a mad dash to your nearest grocery store and get yourself some lemons, I get Organic Lemons but the conventional ones work just as well. Whip up a batch of this awesome drink and you will feel so much better.




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3 thoughts on “More than just a lemon

  1. I make this when we are sick and add ginger to it but I’ve never considered drinking it everyday. Definitely will start now as Maya will be going to daycare next month and yeah…germs, germs, germs!!

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