Oh my booties!

It’s bootie season in Florida! My fellow Floridians know what I mean. It’s not quite cold enough for boots but a bit too nippy for our standard ‘flip-flops wherever we go”. Today my bootie of choice are this delicious pair of Guess 4.25-inch stiletto heel metallic faux-leather booties. They were surprisingly comfortable all day and I did quite a bit of walking around in them. The only issue I had was the rope tied at the back flopped around quite a bit and I had to keep tucking the ends into the back of the shoes.

20180208_1826101876251081.jpgNormally peep toe shoes are not that comfortable for me as I have quite the big big toe so they become painful after a while. Speaking of which, does anyone have a solution for painful peep toes? I have a few peep toe shoes that I just stare at now in my closet because I know that if I put them on I am signing myself up for a day’s worth of ouchy! These booties were comfortable and a definite shoe closet must-have in my opinion.

They are simple enough to wear to work but trendy and fashionable at the same time. The rope design is unique which is a definite plus as well. I would pair these with leggings, skinny jeans and even with a below knee pencil skirt or form fitting dress. They pretty much go with any outfit and the neutrality of the color make them easy to match up with what you have in your closet currently, while the metallic color gives them that extra whoop! whoop! that every shoe needs.

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One thought on “Oh my booties!

  1. I’m laughing at myself because at first I though you were talking about the red polka dot shoes for work!! Lol
    But regardless, I need a lesson on stilettos…we’ve just never seen eye to eye. Lol

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